The “6 Basic Steps”

This is quick overview of the 6 basic steps of shooting an arrow, as covered in the Entry to Archery course.

  1. Stance:
    • Put the tip of your toes against an imaginary straight line towards the centre of the target
    • Put your feet on both sides of the shooting line
    • Put your feet about shoulder’s width apart, with equal balance. Your shoulders should be directly over the balls of your feet, with your weight distributed 70% on the balls of your feet.
  2. Finger Placement:
    • Hold the string with your index finger above the nock and middle and ring finger under the nock – the string should be hooked in the first joint of your fingers.
    • Bow hand placement:
      • The pressure of the bow should be distributed along the pressure line
      • Relax your fingers. The back of your hand should make an angle of 45 degrees
  3. Drawing the bow:
    • Put a small pre draw on the string, just a couple of inches
    • Bring the bow arm up to the height of your forehead. With the bow arm extended out straight, touch your forehead with the inside of the draw forearm.
    • Push both shoulders down as low as possible
    • Draw the string along the bow arm in a straight vertical line to the anchor point
    • While drawing, keep a 50-50 push pull with the arrow parallel to the ground.
    • Stand straight up and relaxed
  4. Anchoring:
    • The string should touch the middle of the chin and the tip of the nose
    • The index finger is placed under the chin
    • Aiming:
      • Aiming is done with the dominant eye. Shut the other eye
      • Keep the sight at the target
      • Keep the string a little right of the sight
  5. Release:
    • Keep pulling on the back while relaxing the fingers of the draw hand
    • A relaxed bow hand will automatically move backwards
    • Relax your bow hand. Don’t hold on to the bow
  6. Follow-through:
    • The draw hand should be relaxed and near or behind your ear
    • Keep aiming until after the arrow hits the target