Beginner Courses

We run beginner courses regularly throughout the year, these are predominantly held on Monday nights in St Gerard’s in Bray, after which you can join in with a regular training session on Wednesday nights in Shoreline Greystones

We have a couple of options available that suit aspiring archers of all ages, you can find more info below. 

If you’re interested in joining a course, you can send us your details using the form below, or email for more information.

Due to high demand there is sometimes a waiting list to join a course, but we do our best to accommodate everyone, this also helps us keep class sizes relatively small so everyone can get more attention from our coaches.

Our courses

All our Beginner Courses are ran by Archery Ireland L0 accredited coaches.

6-week normal course (for all ages from 8+)

Collage of photos for previous Beginner Course attendees
Some of our previous attendees

This 6-week course consists of five 1 hour Monday night lessons in St Gerard’s 7.30pm until 8.30pm, followed by an introduction night in Shoreline Greystones. This is great for kids, teens and adults.

Our normal course is open to children from 8 years of age up, however we do stipulate that young kids (8 to 12) must sign up with a parent or guardian. Safety is paramount, so it’s important that the parent understands proper safety, equipment and proper shooting etiquette so they can help guide their child. The final (6th) week of the course is normally held as part of our normal Wednesday night training in Shoreline Greystones so that you can get used to regular training with the club and meet the rest of the club members.

3-week intensive course (adults only)  

We also run an Intensive Course for adults only. During this 3-week course we cover everything that’s in the 6-week course, only in 3 weeks, with a slightly longer session time of 1.5 hours (7.30pm-9pm), so prepare to be exhausted. This means we get stuck straight in and that you can become a full Wicklow Archers member within a month.

Each course costs €90 for adults and €70 for juniors and students.


All the equipment you need for the course is provided by the for you! Advice is given to participants on the correct equipment suited to them individually, should they wish to continue in the sport and purchase their own equipment.

At the end of the course you’ll know the basics of shooting Barebow and Olympic Recurve archery. You’ll also understand all aspects of safety on the range and with your equipment, and become familiar with the bow itself. This all prepares you to shoot at a beginner level, because when you join the club and begin using your own equipment is when the real learning (and fun) begins. 

Signing up 

If you’re interested in taking a beginners course, please use the form below to contact our Coaching Coordinator, or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Please remember that all Archery clubs in Ireland are volunteer run and organised. This means fees and costs all go towards the rental and maintenance of venues, as well as club equipment and running events. This also means we might not be able to respond immediately, but we promise we’ll do our best. 

We’d love to get paid doing Archery, but we don’t. So please be patient with us as we try to accommodate you!

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