Beyond Beginning

Finished your Entry to Archery Course? Where to go from here….

Join a Club

To shoot in the club after your course you must join Archery Ireland, the national governing body for archery in Ireland. The association covers insurance and affiliation with FITA which is the world governing body in archery.

Please see the Club Fees and Other Costs page for more information on joining Wicklow Archers and the fees involved.

You must include passport photos with your Archery Ireland membership forms. You will then receive an Archery Ireland ID card which you will need for competitions.

Club Shoots

The club organises weekly shoots, monthly competitions and annual competitions, so you have plenty of opportunity to improve your skills, get advice and meet other archers from the club, from around the country and also from international clubs.

Weekly Shoots

  • 7 to 10pm Wednesday evenings in Shoreline, Greystones
  • 6 to 9pm Monday evenings in Summer at Redgate
  • 6.30 to 9.30pm Monday evenings during the academic year in St. Gerard’s school, Bray

Regular Club Competitions

Wicklow Archers holds 3 concurrent monthly competitions during the year:

  • Archer of  the Year, an indoor competition held in Shoreline, Greystones on the last Wednesday of every month.
  • Field League, a field competition held in Enniskerry, beginning in March.
  • Outdoor Target League, an outdoor target competition held at Redgate target range in Wicklow, beginning in February or March

More information:

As a member of an Archery Ireland-affiliated club, you can shoot in other clubs as a guest and pay the guest fee.

When you shoot at a club event, you will usually have to pay an entry fee. This varies in different venues to cover the rent of the venue. Please see Shooting Fees for more information


You will have some equipment from the course, but you will need to organise getting your own bow etc. Talk to your coaches for advice.


Progression as an archer occurs through practice, further information and further training

The weekly shoots and regular competitions are a great way to get both practice and further information. There are over 200 members in the club, some of whom have successfully competed at international level. The club has a very friendly atmosphere and most people will be willing to offer advice and insight if asked.

Further training can be pursued through the other courses we run, the Wicklow Archery coaching system and and through squad-training.

Other Courses

The club runs 2 other courses on an ongoing basis: The Improver course and the Advancement course. The Improver course is suitable for beginners, while the Advancement course is more suitable for archers who have been shooting for a while after the Entry to Archery course. You can find out more about them on the Courses page.

Wicklow Archers Feather Awards

Feather Awards are for Youth archers only.

When a Youth archer completes the Entry to Archery course and joins the club, they will be awarded a Red Feather.

There will be scheduled test days during the year, when Youth archers can complete an assessment and competition to gain the Gold Feather award.

 Wicklow Archers Arrow Awards

Arrow Awards are for all archers over 13.

When the archer completes the Entry to Archery course and joins the club, they will be awarded a White Arrow. On completion of the Wicklow Archers Improvers course Archers will be awarded the Black Arrow. On hitting the relevant score (see below) at the Archer of the Year competition or Status Shoot they will receive their Blue Arrow award.

Blue Arrow Score Requirements

  • Cadets: 160
  • Juniors: 180
  • Seniors: 200

On Completion of the Wicklow Archers Advancement course, archers will be awarded the Red Arrow. On hitting the relevant score (see below) at the Archer of the Year competition or Status Shoot they will receive their Gold Arrow award.

Gold Arrow Score Requirements

  • Cadets: 210
  • Juniors: 230
  • Seniors: 250


The club is a non-profit organisation. All the administrators and coaches are volunteers and give their time freely to the club.

As a member of the club you will be expected to help out where you can. Everybody is asked to help set up and take down every week and if you have other skills to offer the club they would be greatly appreciated.