Committee Structure and Procedures

Coach Co-ordinator

Term- 1 year

Workload per week- 2- 5 hours

Will be responsible for managing the coaches within the club, assigning them different duties and keeping the focus on all levels of coaching at all times.

  • The coach co-ordinator should be a qualified coach instructor.
  • They will assign and manage coaches running beginners courses
  • They will ensure there is a coach continuously running the FITA awards programme within the club.
  • Will organise advancement courses.
  • Will organise the squad training sessions and the coaches to coach at them.
  • Will be responsible for setting the criteria and syllabus for the advancement courses
  • Will be responsible for setting the entry criteria and level for all of the squads.
  • Will focus a lot of attention on the development of the junior members and ensure the junior squad is running and supported at all times.
  • Will be responsible for appointing people to the positions of beginner’s coaches, FITA award co-ordinator, squad coaches, junior squad coaches and compound coach.

Designated person

Term- 2 years

Workload per week- 0-2 hours

The designated person will be the reporting person when a concern or complaint is made, they will make contact with the Duty Social Worker, the HSE or the Gardai depending on the situation.

  • The designated person must have completed the childrens officer training .
  • The Designated Person will also need to be very familiar with all of the club Policies and also with the overall management and workings of the club. It is part of their role to provide information and support in relation to Child Protection to members of the organisation who may require it.
  • They will be required to report any concern or complaint to the appropriate authorities.