Committee Structure and Procedures

The Garda Vetting Officer

Term- 2 years

Workload per week- 0-2 hours

The Vetting Officer will Vet all adult members of the club

  • The Garda vetting officer must complete the Garda vetting officer training and should also complete the basic awareness course.
  • The vetting officer will also need to be very familiar with all of the club Policies and also with the overall management and workings of the club. It is part of their role to provide information and support in relation to Garda vetting to members of the club who may require it.
  • They will be required to vet all of the adult members of the club.

Membership secretary

Term- 1 Year

Workload per week- 1-3 hours

The membership secretary will be responsible for collecting all membership forms, collecting all the information about each individual member and forwarding the membership forms to the association in a timely fashion.

He/she will

  • Collect all membership forms and fees and hand over fees immediately to the club treasurer.
  • Record in an organised fashion all members information for the club records.
  • Forward the membership forms with a cheque from the club for fees to the membership secretary for the IAAA.
  • Will have a full knowledge and understanding of the club and IAAA fees and structures.
  • They will keep all member information private and confidential and only use the information to contact the members with official club business.