Committee Structure and Procedures

Assistant treasurer

Term- 1 Year

Workload per week- 2-3 hours

  • Will aid the treasurer in collection of fees both on a nightly basis and for annual club and IAAA fees
  • Will aid the treasurer in recording and keeping of accounts.

Club Judge

Term- 2 years or more

Workload per week- 0-3 hours

The club judge will act as judge on club competitions and will be a candidate judge for national level competitions.

He/she will

  • Aim to progress to a regional or national judge in the future
  • Will liaise with the IAAA judges liaison officer to keep up to date with necessary training and changes in rulings.
  • Will work closely with the Competition co-ordinator to ensure all competitions are set up and run correctly

Beginners Coaches

Term- continuous

Workload per week- 0-2 hours

Will be responsible for running the entry to archery courses in the club.

  • The coach should be a qualified coach instructor or apprentice coach.
  • They will be sent on the coaches courses paid for by the club, In return they will be asked to coach entry to archery coaches throughout the year.
  • The number of beginner’s coaches should be from 6-10, this way coaches will coach every 3rd to 5th course run by the club. The club should run 8 six week entry to archery courses per year, this should mean that beginners coaches will have to coach on average 2 six week courses per year.