Committee Structure and Procedures

Club Secretary

Term: 2 years

Workload per week: 3- 6 hours

Description: The secretary manages, processes and maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing correspondence and club documents. In addition, he she records the deliberations and decisions of the club committee.


  • Day to day business and administration of the club.
  • Maintain records of all members and former members of the club.
  • Manage and ensure action on club correspondence including legal and insurance matters.
  • Organise AGM, management committee and club meetings.
  • Accurate record keeping and circulation of minutes from meetings
  • Record and deal with disciplinary matters.
  • Ensure all relevant forms and publications are with the responsible club officers and make the system available to all members.
  • Attend all meetings as required by the management committee.
  • Ensure the safety statement is circulated to the appropriate personal and is widely available in the club.
  • Committee meetings are recorded.
  • Any correspondence relating to health and safety is brought to the attention of the general committee and subsequent actions requirement.
  • Club calendar listing all club nights, club competitions, meetings and any other events.
  • Communication between club members and the committees.
  • Informing all club members of all club activities.