Field League 2016

Field League Competition, hosted by Wicklow Archers
Venue: Dargle Valley Field Course,
Co. Wicklow
League Format: The league will take place over 11 competitions throughout the year.
Each archer's top 4 field scores and the top 3D score from the year will be used to determine their overall league score.
Shooting Format: Each competition will consist of 16 targets, 8 marked and 8 unmarked
Dates and Times: Begins on Sunday 28th of February 2016 from 1/4/17 9:30 am until 1/4/17 2:00 pm and at the same times on Sunday 27th of March 2016, Sunday 8th of May 2016, Sunday 29th of May 2016, Saturday 18th of June 2016, Sunday 31st of July 2016, Saturday 20th of August 2016, Sunday 4th of September 2016, Sunday 16th of October 2016, Sunday 6th of November 2016 and Sunday 27th of November 2016
Dates and times may change. Please check our calendar and "Club Notices" on the home page for updates
Contact: Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page
Download Results: Remote File at

The League Format

In 2016 there will be 11 competitions held throughout the year. Eight of those will be field shoots with 8 marked and 8 unmarked targets, three shoots will be 3D shoots on an unmarked course. The individual competition will be based on an archer’s top 4 field scores and top 3D score from the year.  You must submit a minimum of 4 field scores and 1 3D score to be eligible for a medal.

The Competition Format

Each competition will consist of 16 mixed targets. 8 targets will be marked and 8 unmarked. The 3D shoots will be 16 unmarked targets. The day’s competition should take about 4 hours.

We will have 4 pegs out at each competition. Red, Blue and Yellow pegs will be official distances.

Master Senior Junior Cadet Youth
Compound Red Red Red Blue White
Recurve Red Red Red Blue White
Barebow Blue Blue Blue Yellow White
Instinctive Blue Blue Blue Yellow White
Longbow Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow White

Peg Distance Ranges

Red Blue Yellow White
Marked 10 – 60 5 – 50 5 – 40 5 – 30
Unmarked 10 – 55 5 – 45 5 – 35 5 – 25

Distances are in metres.

Senior and junior beginner archers start on White peg.

Cadet and Youth beginner archers may advance in front of the white peg on longer shots.


When you score over 150 points you must move to the next peg until you reach your official peg.

When you score over 190 points you must move up two pegs until you reach your official peg.

Archers who shot last year will need to start on the same peg and can not move backwards at any stage. If an archer chooses to shoot a lower peg the score will not count towards their league score.

The bow classes will be: Compound, Recurve, Barebow, Instinctive and Longbow.

How to Get Involved

There will be shoots held regularly during the year, practice butts from 9.30, competition starts at 10. Check the calendar for the next competition.

The FITA guide to field archery can be found here


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