Long Term Goals and Objectives

This page dates from 2012 and does not yet reflect up-to-date developments in the club – 24/11/2013.


We aim to keep providing entry to archery courses and building the membership. By the end of 2012 we would aim to have 200 members in the club and 400 members by 2015.


By the Year 2015 we would aim to have A, B and C senior squads, with the A squad consisting of 10 archers and the B and C squads each consisting of around 20 archers. We would also aim to have A and B junior squads, each consisting of around 30 archers.

Longer term

The long term aim of the club is to buy or long-term lease land to develop a full time archery centre, including a full outdoor range as well as a specific indoor archery range.

There are no facilities of this kind in Ireland. We would model the archery centre using ideas from the large clubs on the continent that have archery centres of this kind.