Committee 2014

For posterity, here is the management committee of 2014:

Managment Committee
President: Ruairi O’Sullivan
Secretary: Peter Walsh
Treasurer: Stephen Kestell
Children’s Officer: Hubert Keenaghan
Public Relations Officer: Matthias John
Designated person: Ed Hick
Competition Coordinator: Shay Fitzsimons
Health & Safety Officer, Line Manager: Frank Doyle
Coaching Coordianator: Rohan O’Dúill
Social Officers: Anne Robinson, Tammy Gemmell
Equipment Officer: Colm Griffin
Director of Shooting: Tony Dunne
Assistant Director of Shooting: Shay McCoy
Purchasing Officer: Rob Barrett
Membership Secretary: Maire Hackett
Webmaster: Eoin Flood
Assistant treasurers: Aideen O’Byrne, John Kenny