Wicklow Archers is happy to be able to provide outdoor training to archers, in our amazing outdoor venue Dargle Valley, on Wednesdays from 7.00pm and Sundays at 9am. We are also starting our yearly Field and Target League competition, please see our Club News for more information. Please keep an eye on the calendar for latest information.

We do not know when we’ll be able to go back inside, however we are now starting beginner courses again using an intensive two day format. These will be held outside in Dargle Valley. We’re reaching out to everyone who previously send in an interest in the course, so please check your email. If you’re interested in giving archery a try, please checkout the Beginner Courses page.

Before attending training:

  • Make sure your membership is up to date. There will be no facilities to process renewals in Dargle Valley. Renewal Information.
  • Fill in the Return to Sports form at least 48 hours prior to training.

We are also now running this as a pay as you go model so it will be €5 for Wicklow Archer members and €10 for non-Wicklow Archer members. We will not be collecting cash and instead you can use card to pay when you turn up.

There will be new signage around what is and isn’t allowed and archers will be expected to comply with the covid 19 guidelines.

  • Wicklow Open Indoor in Shoreline Target Setup
    Wicklow Open Indoor in Shoreline Target Setup

Wicklow Archers is a community-based archery club that supports the growth and promotion of all forms of archery, for people of all ages, ability and background. We actively promote both the recreational and competitive aspects of the sport, and support archers and coaches trying to achieve the highest standards in the sport. We aim to enhance the enjoyment of the discipline by encouraging good sportsmanship and personal development in our members.

We are the biggest archery club in Ireland and are we welcome everyone to the sport. We have multiple venues to cater for all types of Archery both indoor, outdoor and field. We regularly host club competitions and national competitions. Archery is a sport that can be enjoyed by all.

If you’ve never shot a bow or never been part of an archery club, take a look at our Getting Started page which will give you a great introduction to archery and how to get started.

The club is part of the Archery Ireland association.