Getting Started FAQ

Take a look at our Beginner Course page to learn more about how signing up to an intro course and getting started.
Yes. While the intro course is an introduction to archery, it’s predominantly about making sure everyone knows how to shoot safely and obey the rules of the range.
Our intro courses teach Barebow and Olympic Recurve, giving you a solid grounding in archery. On joining, you can may want to stick with one of these, or explore other forms of archery including traditional (Longbow, horsebow, instinctive etc.) or compound – a very technical and precise shooting style. The club does not allow crossbows however.
We meet every Wednesday in Shoreline, Greystones from 7pm-10pm. We also hold field shoots, competitions, and training in our Dargle Valley range almost every weekend.
When you join Wicklow Archers, you also join Archery Ireland which entitles you to train at any affiliated club as a guest (at a cost of €5 payable in the club on the night). You’re also welcome to join in our Sunday field training and competitions.
Equipment is provided for the intro course, which you can borrow after joining. However we strongly advise purchasing your own equipment, as having the right gear will help you progress.
We welcome children from the ages of 8 and up. We wouldn’t advise starting younger than this.
Intro courses cost a one-time fee of €90 for adults and €70 for juniors and students. When you join the club there is an annual registration fee to be insured to shoot. When it comes to equipment, that’s up to you – you can spend as much or as little on this as you like.
Our coaches have been trained to assist beginners who have disabilities, so we’ll always try our best to work with you to find a shooting style that’s comfortable for you. Our Shoreline venue is also fully wheelchair accessible with a disabled restroom on site as well.
Our club night in Shoreline allows for a max distance of 18m/60ft. Outdoors, we have targets up to 80m/262ft. You’ll work up to this, don’t worry.
No and yes. There is the potential for it to be dangerous, that’s why we have a zero-tolerance policy on archers who disobey safety guidelines. Your intro course will cover all the safety rules in detail.
You’d be surprised how often we get asked this. The answer is no. Bow hunting is against the law in Ireland. We do have 3D competitions if you want to “hunt” foam animals though.